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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chamunda Devi Wallpaper

Goddess Chamunda Devi Wallpaper

Chamunda Devi is a Shakti shrine, which was located in 10 Km west of Palampur, on the Baner River. This colorful shrine has a wrathful form of Durga or Chamunda. The idol in the temple is considered so sacred that which is completely hidden beneath a red cloth. Here Lord Shiva which is present in the form of death, destruction & dead bodies which are along in the Devi Goddess Chamunda. In the temple the devotees which are seen scenes from the Devi Mahatmya, Ramayan and was Mahabharata. On the either side of the Devi’s image is Hanuman and Bhairo.

Goddess Chamunda Wallpaper

Statue of Indian God Shri Chamunda

Shri Chamunda Temple Photo

Sri Chamunda Picture and Wallpaper

Picture of Chamunda Snaps & Images

Indian Goddess Chamunda

Goddess Chamunda Picture

Chamunda Desktop Wallpaper

Maa Chamunda Picture

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