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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ashapura Maa

Ashapura Maa:

This holy place or Ashapura is steeped in ancient times as its origin is troubled. Present situation to this deity in the Puranas, Rudrayamal Tantra and so on which are all said to point to this holy place in Kutch.

Be that while it may, nowadays there is no outline of any antique records or writings which provide any signal of the establishment of devotion at this shrine among the offered records in the possession of faith.

Special arrangements During Navratri : Particular buses has been approved for Yatris from Bhuj S. T. Bus Depot to Matanamadh. These buses will take off every 10mins from Bhuj to Matanamadh from platform No. 1 of Bhuj S.T. Bus Depot and the similar service is offer at Matanamadh as fine.

A mega camp is organized by the shrine trust just about 1.5 kms away from the Matanamadh temple, which would contain approx 2500 padyatris at a time. At this time they can relax and refresh up before going to temple for darshan.

Preparations have been complete to stay the footwear of the padyatris in different stalls tresses to avoid defeat of footwear.

Particular bathing and accommodation have been offer at CHACHRA KUND for padyatris, so they can have blessed bath at Kund before leaving for the darshan.
Darshan timings through Navratris: 05:00am to 01:00am.

shriashapuramataji Nadole

Maa Ashapura

Ashapura Mataji

Ashapura mata Photo

Ashapura Mata

Ashapura maa wallpaper

Ashapura maa pictures

Ashapura maa photo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lord Satyanarayana Bhagwan

Lord Satyanarayana Bhagwan:

Lord Satyanarayan is a newm form of Lord Vishnu who is usually worshipped by Hindu in their homes beside with relations and friends.

The devotion is achieved typically on a full moon day of the month. People respect by reciting the polite story of the Lord which as single of the lord Vishnu himself to the clever Narada for the advantage of humanity.

The Lord’s style is described in a Hindu book called Skanda Purana. He has four hands like lord Vishnu, However, his fourth hands does not holds a lotus fairly it is complete increasing to sanctify people.

Sri Satyanarayan Puja is achieve for the full moon and for auspicious event like marriages, blessing a new home, birthdays, or opening a latest trade.

It is thought to give good health, riches, achievement, and happiness on those who experienced in Aujust 2006, Sanjay and Prerma Kumar family of novel Orleans performed Satyanarayana Puja to celebrate their daughter Jasmines initial birthday.

“We desire the lord’s good thing for their particular day,” Meera Seth of Baton Rouge transmit that her husband and the husband of a friend together underwent heart surgery at the equal time.

She and her friend vow that if together men came from side to side during surgery effectively, they would execute Satyanarayana Puja together men did, and the women satisfied their swear.

Satyanarayan Wallpapers

Satyanarayan Pictures

Lord Satyanarayan Wallpaper

Lord Satyanarayan Snaps

Lord Satyanarayan Pictures

Lord Satyanarayan Picture

Lord Satyanarayan Images

God Satyanarayan Wallpapers

God Satyanarayan Images

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