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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Legend of Navratri Festival

The legend is related behind the festival of Navaratri according to North India. A legend of Demon Mahishasura and Goddess Shakti-Devi is well-known and famous. The demon named Mahishasura was blessed with the power of eternity from God Shiva and very shortly, he started to harass and kill the people and commence his rule and decided to succeed in winning the all three lokas.

The Gods of Heaven requested God Shiva to heal the problem. Then to protect the earth from the harassment of demon Mahisasura, the Trinity Gods-Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva gathered the power and a divine devi-a female warrior was created as Goddess Durga.

When Mahisasura saw her, he attracted and asked her to marry him. Maa Durga agreed with his proposal on one condition that he would win her in battle. He also agreed with her condition and then a battle was started between the Mahisashura and Goddess Durga. This battle was continued till nine nights and on the last night of the ninth day, Goddess Durga beheaded Mahisasura.

This way, the nine nights known as “Navaratri” and the tenth day is celebrated as “Vijayadashmi” that brought victory of good over evil.

Navratri Festival Mata Rani Wallpaper

Navratri Festival Durga Picture

Navratri Festival Mahishashurmardini Mata

Navratri Festival Maa Durga Photo

Navratri Festival Durga Image

Navaratri Festival Celebration

Navratri Festival comes at the ending of the monsoon season. This time is considered as the best time to begin new Ventures.

In Navsratri, a beautiful statue of Maa Ambe-Durga has been bring and then constituted with faith that Maa Durga will brings abundance and prosperity. People perform Aarti daily in the evening time. The “prasad” ,means “mercy” or the “divine grace of God” is offered then after the completion of Aarti, that divine food is offered to devotees.

Devotees perform the Ras Garba, Dandiya in both traditional and western style. Every people perform that very gracefully and gladden the viewers.

Many devotees prefer to keep a fast on Navratri-the nine holy nights. The all temples of Goddess Durga, Kali, Ambe, Shakti, Devi etc. are decorated beautifully and most of all people visit the temples. The Navratri festival and celebration performed enthusiastically mainly in the state of Gujarat. The performance of the Ras, Garba and dance is very great and it is seen rarely to elsewhere except Gujarat.

In West Bengal, Navratri is celebrated as “Durga Puja” and considered as most important festival that is celebrated with enthusiasm and gaiety.

Navaratri Celebration Garba Photo

Navaratri Celebration Kids Image

Navaratri Celebration Dance Picture

Garba Navaratri Celebration Wallpaper

Navaratri Celebration Photo

Indian Festival Navratri Garba Photo

Navaratri Festival Celebration Wallpaper

Navratri Festival 2010

Navratri or Navaratri is the great festival of Hinduism and is celebrated all over in India. Navratri is the festival of faith, worship and dance. The word “Navaratri” has its own meaning - “Nava”means “Nine” and “ratri” means “Night”. This way “Navaratri” means “nine nights”in Sanskrit that is why this festival is celebrated for 9 days.

Navaratri festival is dedicated to Goddess “Maa Durga-Shakti-Devi” and during the nine days “Goddess Durga’s forms” have been changed. The nine different and magnificence forms of the Maa Durga have been mostly seen and it looks like the illusion of real presence of “Maa Durga”. The worship of the Goddess Durga is performed with the faith and ritual ceremonies.

Navratri festival reminds and illuminates our great Country India’s culture, traditions, and aspirations of the devotees. As most of the festivals of India is regarding the soul purifying and experiences of the devotees proves the existence of the Gods and Goddesses.

Happy Navratri Festival Photo

Navratri Festival Wallpaper

Navratri Festival Durga Image

Navratri Festival Image

Navratri Customs Festival Picture

Shubh Navratri Festival Wallpaper

Navratri Festival Photo

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ganesh Visrajan

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days and after 10 days the time comes to immerse the God Ganesha. It becomes so hard to immerse the lord Ganesha whom we keep at our home or in like campsite.

Between these 10 days, God Ganesha is worshipped with Pooja, Archana, Bhajans, Aarti every day. We care, pray, offer the sweet dishes to God Ganesha for 10 days. Every devotee has full faith as they believe that God Ganesha takes away all troubles and spreads the happiness so that God Ganesha also famed as “Vignaharta Vinayaka”. The all devotees feel very happy and enjoy these days.

As the limitations of the Ganesh festival celebrations stays only for 10 days after the all celebrations at the time of immerse, people feel very sadness and with a heavy heart the beautifully carved and decorated statues of God Ganesha have been immersed into the holy river, lake or into the ocean all over the India. This day is called as “Anant Chaturthi” or “God Ganesha Visarjan (Immersion)”.

Ganesh Visarjan (immersion) day is an enormous and extensive affair not only in particular region but so many states mainly in Maharastra and Gujarat. Mainly in Mumbai city, the ceremony of Visarjan is necessary to see as it extends right through the night.

The huge idols of God Ganesha are put onto the back of trucks and runs in the way very slowly. Most of the devotees perform the dance in crowd and make the processions with DJs and bands. Devotees loudly say,” Ganapati Bappa Moriya, Pudhchya Varshi lavkar ya” means “Ganapati Bappa Moriya, come early on next year”.

When the devotees reach at the place of immerse, at the holy river, lake or ocean, they performs some pooja archana through the Brahmana and tell the Ganesha come next year early and then with faith they do the immersion (Visarjan) of Lord Ganesha. Devotees feel very sad at the time of immsersion and their eyes filled with tears of sadness.

Really the festival, celebrations of God Ganesha at “Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chaturthi” and “Anant Chaturthi-Ganesha Visarjan-Ganesha Immersion is really very magnificence.

Ganesh Visrajan Picture

Photo of Ganesh Visrajan

Vinayaka Visrajan Photo

Ganesh Visrajan Image

Ganesh Visrajan Wallpaper

Ganpati Visrajan Wallpaper

Ganesh Visrajan Photo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple at Famous Celebrities

Rani Mukharji at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Shatrugan Shinha at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Lal Krishn Advani at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Slumdog kids at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Shilpa Shetty at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Shasi Tharoor & Wife Sunanda Pushkar at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Lalu Prasad Yadav at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Shilpa Shetty & Family at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Sonu Sood at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Priya Duttin at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Hrithik Roshan & Family at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Ajay Devgan & Kajol at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Aftab Shivdasani at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Kainnat Arora at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Sharad Pawar at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Monika Bedi & Sambhavna Shet at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Siddhivinayak Temple at Famous Celebrities

Siddhivinayak Temple at Amitabh Bachchan Family

Siddhivinayak Temple at Aishwarya & Huaband Abhishek

Siddhivinayak Temple at Sridevi & Husband Boni Kapoor

Siddhivinayak Temple at Shilpa Setty

Siddhivinayak Temple at Sanu Nigam & Wife Madhurima

Siddhivinayak Temple at Sachin Tendulkar

Siddhivinayak Temple at Rahul Mahajan & Wife Dimpi

Siddhivinayak Temple at Madhuri Dixit Husband Dr. Sriram Nene

Siddhivinayak Temple at Fashion Movie Stars

Siddhivinayak Temple at Divya Dutta & Shankar Mahadevan

Siddhivinayak Temple at Director Mahesh Manjrekar

Siddhivinayak Temple at Deepika Padukone

Siddhivinayak Temple at Sonam & Ranbir

Siddhivinayak Temple at Shiney Ahuja Wife Anu

Siddhivinayak Temple at Shilpa Setty & Husband Raj Kundra

Siddhivinayak Temple at Bollywood Stars

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