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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goddess Kamakhya Photo

Goddess Kamakhya Photo

Kamakhya was in Guwahati which is an quality of the Hindu idol Sati. A temple in her honour exist in the Kamrup region of Assam state, India. The holy place is one of the 51 holy Shakti Peethas linked to Sati.

Kamakhya, the Goddess/yoni, exist in the major holy place as a great crevice in the basis, cover by water smooth increasing from an secretive spring it was usually cover by a red cloth, flower, and was red sindur crush. Kamakhya which is an significant of Shakta pilgrimage site, attract many guests. One more name of this deity is sodashi.

Temple of Goddess Kamakhya Devi

Shri Kamakhya Devi Aasam

Hindu Goddess Mata Kamakhya Wallpaper

Indian Goddess Maa Kamakhya Temple Photo

Kamakhya Temple Photograph

Kamakhya Mata Pooja Photograph

Kamakhya Mata Gohati Temple

Hindu Goddess Kamakhya Photo

Goddess Kamakhya Photo

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