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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shri Gurunanak Wallpaper

Shri Gurunanak Wallpaper

When on earth there is a big ruin he in the ground, each other there is refuse of justice of righteouness, whenever there are cruelty and was chaos in the land, each other the faith of the people in God wanes, great men or saints appear, from time, to time, to develpoed holy writing, to defend Dharma, to destroyed unrighteousness and revive the worship in minds of the people. India was in a terrible trouble. His armies battered and was quite a few way several cities. The several captives were required to work there was a extensive massacre universally.

At that time the Guru Nanak came to the earth with a message of peace, harmoney, and attachment to god. He come at a time when there was fight between the Hindu and the Mohammedans-when real religion was the replaced by the mere rituals and forms. He come to preach the gospel of peace, brotherhood or the unity of humanity, love and sacrifice.

Sikh Guru Gurunanak Wallpaper

Sri Gurunanak Wallpaper

Sri Gurunanak Photo

Sri Guri Nanak Dev Ji

Sikh Gurunanak Photograph

Sikh God Gurunanak Images

Photo of Sri Gurunanak

Photo of Guru nanak Temple (Swarn Temple)

Indian Saint Gurunanak

Gurunanak Wallpaper Snaps

Lord Gurunanak Wallpaper

God Gurunanak Photo

Gurunanak Dev Ji Photograph

Guru Nanak Picture

Sri Guru Nanak Computer Desktop

God Gurunanak Pic

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