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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nandi Bull

Nandi (bull) Wallpaper and Information

The “Bull Temple” is found in Bangalore the resources of Karnataka. The nandi is gratefull as Shiva’s grow in this temple on the similar stage as the Vishvanath Temple. It is also called “Nandi temple”.

The temple has a huge bull (4.6 metres tall), fixed out of a single boulder. It is a Sculptural masterpiece. In Kannada, Basava means bull, which gives the name Basayanagudi to the area. The temple has a giant bull (4.6 metres tall), impressed out of a single stone. It is a sculptural masterpiece.

It faces the shiva temple. A statue of Nandi the bull of Shiva is inside flanked at the support with statues of God Surya and diety Candra on their chariots drawn by horses. Non Hindus are not permitted in the holy place.

The temple is active always with some ceremony or additional going on. On weekends there are musicians who are performing at the temple.

The Bull Temple is devoted to lord Shiva’s Vahana (vechicle), Nandi the bull. Noe you can find a huge monolithic statue of the sitting bull that draws a great number of people to this leave every day. Nandi is the great and famous devotee of Lord Shiva. So in every temple of Lord Shiva we can see the image of Nandi.

Photo of Hindu God Nnandi Bull

Nandi Bull Temple Photo

Nandi Bull Statue

Nandi Bull Photo

Bull Nandi Wallpaper

Bull Nandi Temple Banglore

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