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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yoga Guru Patanjali

The Hindu God Patanjali, the Father of Yoga Pantanjali life story was different just like an unknown there is many details which may be unknown to know. Pantanjali was born to Atri and Anusuya; both masters of Ashtanga yoga. The details which are there in birth have assumed mythical dimensions. It is said that in order to teach yoga to teach yoga, Pantanjali fell from the heavens in the form of a little snake, and left to his virginal mother’s open palms. His main think is to give the importance about the yoga which will make a help of Indian medicine. In short period of time the yoga had become the popular thought worldwide for the precepts of Raja Yoga, and many more which are useful for our health of harmonizing of the body mind.

Pantanjali is also said to be an Adi S’esha who is the 1 ego expansion of Vishnu, Sankarshana. Pantanjali was a worshipped by the dancers of India as their patron saint. However, Patanjali’s reputation was a nice and scholars who know him as the author of the famous Sutras. We also said that once while watching a dance by Lord Shiva, Adi Shesha found unbearable to join the weight of lord Vishnu. Adi Shesha was amazed by this and asked Lord Vishnu. He said it was because of his harmony with Lord Shiva’s which knows about the yoga. After words it is clear to Adi about the yoga’s benefit, and he taken the decision that he born amongst humans as a “pantanjali”.

Photo of Patanjali

Guru Patanjali Yoga

Yoga Guru Patanjali

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