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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rani Sati Dadi

Shree Rani Sati

Shree Rani Sati Davi was a daughter of Gursamal her another name was Narayani in the village Rajasthan Abhimanyu became Thandhan son of Jaliram at ahissar in his moment life a attractive horse which is used for his purpose.

As the time pass Thandhan got married with Shree Rani Sati (Narayani) nicely. One of the ruler son from Hissar wished to take the nice horse.

At last the king’s son convinced but Thandhan refused it convinced so he decided to take his horse by force. But Thandhan doesn’t want to give him and at last he killed the king’s son.

While receiving the news of death his son, King decided to kill the Thandhan and so the king had killed Thandhan in front of his wife in the battle.

Shree Rani Sati had fight with the king and killed the king. After that she had prepared Ranaji who was the care taker of the horse, she had tell her to make proper arrangement therefore she can locate herself in the fire with her husband.

She blessed Ranaji that his name will be worshipped by a name Rana Sati. From there onwards her name is converted in to Shree Rani Sati.

Rani Sati temple is Forty kilometer from Rourkela. There is nice atmosphere which is attracted by every visitor. On the top of a temple we can see a golden pot which is nice and good looking. They also distribute the Prasad each and every worshipped.

Shree Rani Sati Temples

Shree Rani Sati Mata

Shree Rani Sati

Rani Shati Photo

Rani Sati Worship

Rani Sati Temple

Rani Sati

Dadi Rani Sati

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