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Monday, April 20, 2009

Shri Umiya Mataji

Shri Umiya Mataji:

About the temple the myth is that in 1899, Umiya Mata emerge in the vision of one Rattan Baba which is living in the small village known as Kutiyana and tell him that her statue would be originate at a particular spot in Sidsar Village.

The words Umiya is resulting from the word Uma, sense mother. She sits in the major temple of Unjha and is worshipped by her sons and daughters across Gujarat and World. She is worshipped in different forms, the mainly accepted form is of “Parvati” and she is also known as NavChandi or Nav Durga due to the nine forms generally worshipped.            

Excavation at the mark yield the statue of the deity in the shape that it is worshipped still at present.

A Shri Umiya Mataji statue was found in all its fine clothes, with beautiful jewellery, and an quality of smell. A place of worship was constructing for Umiya Mata for all Kadya Patidars in the Saurastra district to worship.

The Patidars think Umiya Mata grants her follower whatever they desire for. The association is working to decide dispute and quarrel arose among the Patidar by way of compromise.

By this activity, argument can decide and quiet culture will be recognized. This kind of social association is suitable in every district.               

From very faraway people are coming to this holy place. Here bus service is also available for the visitors.    

Umiya Mata


Umiya Mataji Photo

Umiya Mata Temple

Umiya Mata Real Photo

Umia Mata Temple Photo

Umia Mata Real Photo

Umia Mata Photo Picture

Umia Mata Photo

Umia Maa Real Photo

Real Photo of Umia Maa

1 comment:

mohit said...

Jay Umiya Mataji

i was very greatful after watching Mataji photo thanks a lot keep it up...

Jay Mataji

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