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Monday, June 1, 2009

Goddesses Gauri

Goddesses Gauri :
Gauri signify purity and austerity. She is the Kanya who had undergone severe penance in classify to find Lord Shiva as her husband.

Sita, the wife of lord Rama, had worshipped Gauri to execute her wish to get married Lord Rama. Unmarried girls worship Gauri to complete her wish to marry lord Rama.

Along with many small rites of the wedding ceremony is the worship of Gauri by the bride and brush. After years of request to Gauri to express her “groom like Shiva,” the bride takes the groom to Gauri’s abode in her relative’s holy place to thank the spirit for answering her desire…. and to how the deity the groom.

The bride worships gauri with sinder, her groom seated behind her. At a presently instant in the marriage ceremony, the groom will place sindur. Since that moment throughout the rest of her married life.

The bride will carry the red authority in the fraction of her wedded life, the bride resolve wear the red power in the part of her hair as a sign of her position as a married woman through a living husband.

The worship of Mahagauri is suggested for the eighth day of Navaratri Puja. Her power is assured and directly fruitful.

Every one accumulate sins get cracked and in outlook no sins or suffer comes to him. He gets purify in all revere and becomes healthy for infinite virtues.

Goddesses Gauri wallpapers

Goddesses Gauri wallpaper

Goddesses Gauri Photo

Goddesses Gauri Photo

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