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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

108 Names of Lord Krishna

108 Names of Lord Krishna

Achala = Still Lord
Achyuta = Infallible Lord
Adbhutah = Wonderful God
Adidev = The Lord Of The Lords
Aditya = The Son Of Aditi
Ajanma = One Who Is Limitless And Endless
Ajaya = The Conqueror Of Life And Death
Akshara = Indestructible Lord
Amrut = One Who Is Sweet As Nectar
Anaadih = One Who Is The First Cause
Anandsagar = Compassionate Lord
Ananta = The Endless Lord
Anantajit = Ever Victorious Lord
Anaya = One Who Has No Leader
Aniruddha = One Who Cannot Be Obstructed
Aparajeet = The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated
Avyukta = One Who Is As Clear As Crystal
Balgopal = The Child Krishna, The All Attractive
Bali = The Lord Of Strength
Chaturbhuj = Four-Armed Lord
Danavendra = Granter Of Boons
Dayalu = Repositiory Of Compassion
Dayanidhi = The Compassionate Lord
Devadidev = The God Of The Gods
Devakinandan = Son Of Mother Devaki
Devesh = Lord Of The Lords
Dharmadhyaksha = The Lord OF Dharma
Dwarkapati = Lord Of Dwarka
Gopal = One Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas
Gopalpriya = Lover Of Cowherds
Govinda = One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature
Gyaneshwar = The Lord Of Knowledge
Hari = The Lord Of Nature
Hiranyagarbha = The All Powerful Creator
Hrishikesh = The Lord Of All Senses
Jagadguru = Preceptor Of The Universe
Jagadisha = Protector Of All
Jagannath = Lord Of The Universe
Janardhana = One Who Bestows Boons On One And All
Jayantah = Conqueror Of All Enemies
Jyotiraaditya = The Resplendence Of The Sun
Kamalnath = The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
Kamalnayan = The Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes
Kamsantak = Slayer Of Kamsa
Kanjalochana = The Lotus-Eyed God
Keshava = One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks
Krishna = Dark-Complexioned Lord
Lakshmikantam = The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
Lokadhyaksha = Lord Of All The Three Lokas (Worlds)
Madan = The Lord Of Love
Madhava = Knowledge Filled God
Madhusudan = Slayer Of Demon Madhu
Mahendra = Lord Of Indra
Manmohan = All Pleasing Lord
Manohar = Beautiful Lord
Mayur = The Lord Who Has A Peacock Feathered-Crest
Mohan = All Attractive God
Murali = The Flute Playing Lord
Murlidhar = One Who Holds The Flute
Murlimanohar = The Flute Playing God
Nandgopala = The Son Of Nand
Narayana = The Refuge Of Everyone
Niranjana = The Unblemished Lord
Nirguna = Without Any Properties
Padmahasta = One Who Has Hands Like Lotus
Padmanabha = The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel
Parabrahmana = The Supreme Absolute Truth
Paramatma = Lord Of All Beings
Parampurush = Supreme Personality
Parthasarthi = Charioteer Of Partha - Arjuna
Prajapati = Lord Of All Creatures
Punyah = Supremely Pure
Purshottam = The Supreme Soul
Ravilochana = One Who Eye Is The Sun
Sahasraakash = Thousand-Eyed Lord
Sahasrajit = One Who Vanquishes Thousands
Sahasrapaat = Thousand-Footed Lord
Sakshi = All Witnessing Lord
Sanatana = The Eternal Lord
Sarvajana = Omniscient Lord
Sarvapalaka = Protector Of All
Sarveshwar = Lord Of All Gods
Satyavachana = One Who Speaks Only The Truth
Satyavrata = The Truth Dedicated Lord
Shantah = Peaceful Lord
Shreshta = The Most Glorious Lord
Shrikanta = Beautiful Lord
Shyam = Dark-Complexioned Lord
Shyamsundara = Lord Of The Beautiful Evenings
Sudarshana = Handsome Lord
Sumedha = Intelligent Lord
Suresham = Lord Of All Demi-Gods
Swargapati = Lord Of Heavens
Trivikrama = Conqueror Of All The Three Worlds
Upendra = Brother Of Indra
Vaikunthanatha = Lord Of Vaikuntha, The Heavenly Abode
Vardhamaanah = The Formless Lord
Vasudev = All Prevailing Lord
Vishnu = All Prevailing Lord
Vishwadakshinah = Skilfull And Efficient Lord
Vishwakarma = Creator Of The Universe
Vishwamurti = Of The Form Of The Entire Universe
Vishwarupa = One Who Displays The Universal Form
Vishwatma = Soul Of The Universe
Vrishaparvaa = Lord Of Dharma
Yadavendra = King Of The Yadav Clan
Yogi = The Supreme Master
Yoginampati = Lord Of The Yogis

Krishna’s devotees have given the other names to Lord Krishna. There are other lists of the names of Lord Krishna with their meaning.

¨ Achala - The still one
¨ Achyuta - Perfect
¨ Banke Bihari - corrupt form of Van Ke Vihari which means one who loves to sport in the forests particularly Vrindavan
¨ Bihari - One who plays
¨ Brajesh - Lord of Braja
¨ Chakradhari - the bearer of a discus (chakra)
¨ Damodara - the Lord when He was tied with a string (dama) round His waist (udara)
¨ Dinabandu - Friend of the afflicted
¨ Dinanatha - Refuge of destitutes
¨ Dwarakadisha - Lord of Dwaraka
¨ Dwarakanatha - Lord of Dwaraka
¨ Ghanshyama - Dark rain cloud complexioned one
¨ Giridhari - he who lifted a hill (Govardhana hill)
¨ Gopala - cowherd; protector of cows (more accurately protector of life)
¨ Gopinatha - Lord of the gopis, or cowherd women.
¨ Govinda - protector of cows; also connected with Govardhana hill; see also other meanings.
¨ Guruvayoorappan - Lord of the temple Guruvayur.
¨ Hari - one who takes away the yellow one (the colour of the sun); Hare Krishna is the vocative
¨ Ishvara - god
¨ Hrshikesha - 'lord of the senses'

¨ Jagannatha - lord of all places (see also Juggernaut)
¨ Janardhana - One Who Bestows Boons On One And All
¨ Kaladeva - the black deity
¨ Kanha or Kanhaiya
¨ Keshava – long haired, beautiful haired; see also other meanings
¨ Madhava - bringer of springtime
¨ Madhusudanah - killer of demon Madhu
¨ Morari - killer of the asura named Mora
¨ Mukhilan- The one with the complexion similar to the rain clouds
¨ Mukund- He who gives you mukti
¨ Nanda Gopala
¨ Nanda Lal - Beloved of Nanda
¨ Panduranga
¨ Parambrahman the highest Brahman
¨ Parameshvara the highest Ishvara, the highest god
¨ Parthasarathy - charioteer of Partha, another name of Arjuna, a reference to his role with regard to Arjuna in the great battle
¨ Patitapavana - Purifier of the fallen
¨ Radha Vallabha - lover of Radha
¨ Ranchhodrai - When he refused to fight the war and fled to Dwarka for the sake of peace. Dakor, Gujarat has a popular temple of Ranchhodraiji. Ran - Field, Chhod - leave.
¨ Shyamasundara - the beautiful, dark one
¨ Vāsudeva, Krishna Vasudeva - son of Vasudeva
¨ Yadhunandana - Son of the Yadu dynasty
¨ Yogeshwara - the Lord of the Yogis
¨ Yashoda Nandana – child of Yashoda

Names of Lord Krishna, Fabulous ( Mythological ) Names
Abhijeet Anish Banbihari Bankim Banwari Brijesh Darsh Dhrupad Gadin Girdhari Girivar Gopal Gopesh Govind Harekrishna Haresh Harihar Jagmohan Jaspal Kanaiya KanhaKannan Kanu Keshav Kishan Kishore Krishna Madhav Madhusudan Makhesh Manhar Manmohan Mohnish Mukund Muralidhar Murari Naggar Nathan Natwar NandanNandakishoreRadhesh Rasbihari Rasesh Rasmaru Rukminesh Saket Sanwariya Satyanarayan Shrihari Shrikanta Shrikrishna Shyamsundar Siddhanta

Tirthayaad Vanamalin Vansidhar Vasumat Vasupati Vatsapal Vedamohan Vibhavasu Vibhumat Vihari Vitaharya Vrajalal Vrajesh Vrajkishore Vrajmohan Vrajraj Vrisa Yadav Yadavendra Yadunandan Yadunath Yaduraj Yaduvir Yajnarup

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