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Monday, September 27, 2010

Navaratri Festival Celebration

Navratri Festival comes at the ending of the monsoon season. This time is considered as the best time to begin new Ventures.

In Navsratri, a beautiful statue of Maa Ambe-Durga has been bring and then constituted with faith that Maa Durga will brings abundance and prosperity. People perform Aarti daily in the evening time. The “prasad” ,means “mercy” or the “divine grace of God” is offered then after the completion of Aarti, that divine food is offered to devotees.

Devotees perform the Ras Garba, Dandiya in both traditional and western style. Every people perform that very gracefully and gladden the viewers.

Many devotees prefer to keep a fast on Navratri-the nine holy nights. The all temples of Goddess Durga, Kali, Ambe, Shakti, Devi etc. are decorated beautifully and most of all people visit the temples. The Navratri festival and celebration performed enthusiastically mainly in the state of Gujarat. The performance of the Ras, Garba and dance is very great and it is seen rarely to elsewhere except Gujarat.

In West Bengal, Navratri is celebrated as “Durga Puja” and considered as most important festival that is celebrated with enthusiasm and gaiety.

Navaratri Celebration Garba Photo

Navaratri Celebration Kids Image

Navaratri Celebration Dance Picture

Garba Navaratri Celebration Wallpaper

Navaratri Celebration Photo

Indian Festival Navratri Garba Photo

Navaratri Festival Celebration Wallpaper

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