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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lord Braham Photo

Hindu God Shri Brahma Wallpaper, Pictures and Photo

Hindu Lord Brahma is the original member of the Brahmanical traid, Lord Vishnu creature the trice and Lord Shiva, the third. Lord Brahma is the spirit of construction and as the usually established as the author of the whole world.

Every one creation arise out of vikshepa. This vikshepa-sakti is Lord Brahma-the total mind-intellect tools. Man, being basically constitute of his brain and was cleverness and realize God Brahma. therefore the respect and invocation of Lord Brahma is practiced by little.

Hindu God Brahma Wallpaper

Indian Lord Brahma Wallpaper, Photo

Hindu Lord Shri Brahma Picture

Lord Brahmaji Wallpaper

Hindu Lord Brahma Snaps

Hindu God Brahma Photo and Wallpapers

Shri Brahma Wallpaper

Indian Lord Brahma Wallpaper

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