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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lord Sri Krishna Photo

Lord Krishna is the supreme personality in all Hindu God. We can say Lord Sri Krishna is the godhead means the main god in Hindu spiritual. God Sri Krishna was black in color but more attractive. The reason behind attractive is that he was a great personality. He was powerful, very famous, beautiful, wise person, healthy. All these good things are in Lord Sri Krishna. This way we can say Lord Krishna was a supreme god and also godhead. He was a very loving person and he had 16,000 beloved. In those Radha was main. She loves Sri Krishna so much and Sri Krishna also to Radha. Sir Krishna Mother was Devki and Father was Vasudev but his childhood spend at Yasoda. One more thing I was to say My name is also Krishna and my color is also black but I am lord I am a human who daily comes over here and write some content and upload photo of famous hindu god.

Sri Krishna Wallpapers

Sri Krishna and Yasoda Photo

Lord Sri Krisha Playing Flute Photo

Lord Shree Krishna and Radha Picture

God Sri Krishna Wallpapers

Sri Krishnaji Playing Flute Images

Radha and Krishna Photo in Om Symbol

Sri Krishna and Balram steeling Creame

Sri Krishna with Cow Photo

God Sri Krishna Wallpapers

Hindu God Krishna with Cow and Flute

Shri Krishna Phicture

Sri Krishna and Arjun in Kurukshetra

Radha and Krishna Loving Scene

Krishna and Cow playing flute

Hindu God Krishna Ji

Giving food to cow Sri Shyam (Krishna)


gawd said...

thnx for posting....god bless

kushi89..... said...

good ...thnks 4 des images

kushi89..... said...

jai shri krishna....tnks 4 wallpaper

kushi89..... said...

jai shri krishna ...tnks 4 wallpaper

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