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Friday, May 30, 2008

Maata Parvati Wallpaper

Maata Parvati Wallpaper and Photo

Parvati is a Hindu divinity and was supposedly the following wife of Shiva, the Hindu divinity of damage and transformation. Though, she is also the mother of Ganesha and Skanda Some community also supposed her to be the sister of lord Vishnu and Shaktas consider her as the unlimited great Shakti – the personification of the whole force in the world.

In many explanation of the scriptures, Parvati which is also regard as a symbol of Shakti, albeit the gentle feature of that deity since she is a protect goddess. She is regarded the spawn of the Himalaya.

Shiva Shakti Wallpaper

Shiva Parvati Wallpaper

Shiva Parvati Nandi Ox Picture

Shiv Parvati Photo

Phot of Goddess Parvati

Mata Parvati Photo Wallpaper

Indian Goddess Parvati Photo

hindu goddess parvati wallpaper

Hindu Goddess Parvathy Picture

Goddess Parvathi Photo

1 comment:

Malika said...

Hi there! Do you know who painted the gorgeous painting of Shiva and Parvati? I would love to use it for some online meditation classes I am producing, it would be such a gorgeous addition! Any help you could give me towards contacting the copyright holder would be very much appreciated.

Much love,

Malika (

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