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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shri Laxmi Photo

Hindu Goddess Shri Laxmi Photo

Goddess Lakshmi or it also said by Mahalakshmi which is the Hindu goddess of riches, fate, and loveliness, the lotus blossom and richness. Representation of lakshmi which is establish a Jain and was Buddhist monument, in trappings to Hindu temple. Similar to the Greek Aphrodite and Roman place – who also originate from the sea – She is usually thought of as the representation of resources fortune, magnificence and riches.

She was the companion of Vishnu and wedded or romanced it was his life of Rama and Krishna.

Wealth Goddess Mahalaxmi Photo

Wallpaper of Laxmi

Shri Laxmiji Ki Photo

Shri Mahalaxmi Wallpaper

Shri Laxmi Photo

Shree Laxmi Photo

Pic of Hindu Goddess Laxmi

Photo of Laxmiji

Photo of Laxmi

Photo of Hindu Goddess Laxmi

Maa Laxmi ki photo

Mahalaxmi ki wallpaper

Laxmiji ki photo

Laxmi Wallpaper

Laxmi Sarasvati and Ganesh Photo

Laxmi Photu

Laxmi Photograph

Sri Laxmi Photo

Laxmi ji

Laxmi goddess wallpaper

Laxmi goddess of Wealth

Hindu Goddess Laxmi Photo

Hindu Goddess Laxmi Ganesh Photo

Hindu Goddess Laxmi

Hindu Goddess Laxmi Photo

Goddess Laxmi Snaps

Goddess Laxmi Picture

Goddess Laxmi


rama said...

Good collection & I will appreciate your effort towords rich Indian culture

Unknown said...

i want to stand laxmi maa photo with show full legs.

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