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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Navratri Festivals 2009

Navratri Festivals 2009

Navratri festivals:

Navratri is a festival of joy means it is the festivals of 9 days and also a worship of Ma Durga, Maa Lakshmi, and Maa Saraswati. It is the main festivals of Hindu. Throughout the nine days of Navratri many people keep a fast throughout this days specially woman. In evening the ladies dances in order to worship of Maa Durga.

1st - 3rd day of Navratri

On the early day of Navratras, there has been prepared by a small bed of mud in the puja room of he house and also a barely seeds are sown on it and on tenth day, the shoots are about 3-5 inches in length. Once puja was over then these seedlings are taken out and given by the devotees as a good thing from a god. These early days are dedicated to Durga Maa, the Goddess of control and energy. Maa Durga has various sign just like Kumari, Parvati, and Kali.

4th - 6th day of Navratri

Throughout these days, Lakshmi Maa, the Goddess of silence and success is worshipped. On the fifth day it is known as a Lalita Panchami, it is established to get together and display all literature offered in the house, light a lamp or ‘diya’ to appeal Saraswati Maa, which known as a Goddess of knowledge and art.

7th - 8th day of Navratri

These last days belong to Saraswati Maa who is worshipped to obtain the religious information. This revolves free us from every earthly bondage. Although on the 8th day of this colourful festival, yagna (holy fire) is achieved. Ghee (clarified butter), kheer (rice pudding) and sesame seeds form the holy offering to Goddess Durga Maa.


On this day Kanya Puja is achieve. Nine young girls representing the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped. Their feet are washed as an icon of respect for the Goddess and then are presented new clothes as a present by a worshiper. This ceremony is achieve in most parts of the country.


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