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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lord Ganesh and Temples

Lord Ganesh:
Lord Ganesh is well-known for his knowledge and the remover of obstacles is also the older son of Lord Shiva Lord Ganesha is also known as Vinayak (knowledgeable) or Vighneshwer (god to remove obstscles). He is worshipped, or at least remembered, in the beginning of any positive performance for approval and auspiciousness.

Lord Ganesha has four hands, elephant’s head and a large belly. His vehicles are a tiny mouse.
In these hands he carried a rope (to carry devotees to the truth), a knife (to cut devotees’ part), and a sweet dessert ball-laddoo-(to reward devotees for spiritual activity). His Fourth hand’s palm is forever complete to bless people.

A unique mixture of his elephants-like heads and a speedy moving tiny mouse vehicle represent great wisdom, brainpower and presence of mind.

Here is some famous Lord Ganesh Temple which is situated in India is as follow:
Siddhivinayak Temple: it is very famous and well-known Lord Ganesh Temple in Mumbai which is situated in Maharastra.

Girijatmaja Vinayak Temple: it is famous temple in Pune which is situated in Maharastra. Chintamani Temple: it is also situated in Pune Maharastra

Ganesh Tok: It is a beautiful temple of Gangtok which is located in the state Sikkim.
Chintaman Ganesh: it is the temple of Ujjain which is situated in the state Madhya Pradesh.Ganapathy Temple: its a famous temple of Kerala which is situated in the city Kottarakkara.

GDP Temples: its Karnataka well-known temple it is located in the city Shimoga

Shree Ganesh Photo

Shree Ganesha Photo

Lord Ganesh Photo

Lord Gganesha Wallpaper

God Ganesh Photo

Ganesh Laxmi Photo

Ganesha Laxmi Wallpaper

Ganesha Laxmi Wallpaper

Ganesha Kartike Photo

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