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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation:

A Mantra is a grouping of sound vibrations which contain an effect on the mental and spiritual awareness. Even if usually given by a Guru, in the absence of a Guru, the practitioner may decide his mantra. A chief criterion for mantra selection is that it should request to the mind totally when spoken verbally. Mantra chanting creates great atmosphere which are supposed to be directed to the right "chakras" to attract great forces. This method is said to mysteriously heal the spiritual, physical & psychological body. It is chief that after the mantra is chanted, the words and their rhythm must be enjoy and one should surrender oneself to this knowledge.Mantras do not contain any exact meaning. Their power lies not in the meaning of the word but through the vibratory things of the sound that they formed when spoken verbally or mentally.In fact, a Mantra should not be confused with religion. Just because a mantra refers to a Hindu God, it does not represent that it cannot be said by a Christian. Also, a Mantra must not be translated as this has the effect of altering the sound atmosphere wherein lies the power of the Mantra. Repetition of a Mantra forms the source of Mantra thought. Mantras for spiritual progress should be practiced for a fixed amount of time each day. Repeating a mantra too much might not be right for sensitive or spiritual people as it may affect them adversely. Usually, if you repeat a song for about 10 minutes each day, then, within a few days you will identify whether the vibrations feel right for you. Mantra Meditation is the very easy and safest form of meditation and can be practiced by anybody at anytime and below any situation. The most common way of working Mantra Meditation is Japa. Japa (literally means 'rotate') is achieving by repeating a mantra in sync with the rotation of a Japa Mala. A Japa Mala is a rosary of 108 beads where each bead is turned after the mental or audible recitation of the mantra.

Using a Japa Mala for Mantra Meditation is especially efficient as it provides an anchor to bring the mind back as it experiences wavering thoughts. The Mantra combined with the Japa Mala provides tangible anchors to which the feelings are directed back as they spin out of control. That is why; Japa thought is one of the most suggested forms of meditation for the beginner.

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