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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parashurama - The Angry Avatar of Vishnu

Parashurama - The Angry Avatar of Vishnu:

Of all the avatars of Vishnu, none is guest than that of Rama-with-the-axe. His actual name was Jamadagnya, but this favored weapon was the battle-axe or Parashu, and it was combined with his pet name Rama, to provide him the appellation by which we know him. Since to why he was called Rama, while his name was Jamadagnya, there is no indication. It is just one of the typical incongruities surrounding his entire life.

To start with, this sixth avatar of Vishnu was a brahmin and must never have been a warrior, allow alone the epitome of battle fury that he became. His wild and passionate life is matched in every epic literature only by Cuchullihain of the Irish myths. Formally his task - all avatars have a mission - is to clear the earth of the Kshatriya or warrior caste, which was creation a nuisance of itself on Earth. This is a especially feeble effort to disguise plain and easy prejudice on his part as a great plan. For the man was completely immune to reason. It was not sufficient that he killed off the Kshatriyas who murdered his father. He went behind the complete community and wiped them out. Then he wiped out the sons who had survived and he did this for twenty-one generation. This is typically behavior of asuras, rakshahsas and danavas, not of great personages. It was beyond all justice, all norms of sanity even. It is also perhaps the reason why there are hardly any temples in his name. He was never a well-liked avatar, not now, and not in the past.

He seemed to have a huge chip on his carry and pugnacious thoughts that were capable of directly flaring up into an annihilating battle fury. My possess take on his strange psyche is that he was an oddball and had the misfortune to have it pointed out to him early and regularly. For his birth was the effect of an accident. His grandmother, Satyavati, varied up a magic potion that she and her sonless mother were to take, so that they might have the forever desired for sons. Since a effect the warrior prince became a brahmin monk in approach and she was leaving to have a killer and warrior for a son. Her husband was a sage though, and he modified the consequences of the mix-up long sufficient so that it would be the grandson and not the son who would be the warrior. That grandson was Parashurama.

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