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Monday, February 15, 2010

Largest Lord Shiva Statue

65 foot tall (largest in world) statue of Shiva.

Shiva Statue, Bangalore is a quite more new temple of the city. This great temple is situated on Airport Road and is worth paying a visit.

Shiva Statue, Bangalore is located behind Kemp Fort, one of the great well-known departmental stores of the city. In fact, this large temple was construted by the Melwanis, the owners of Kemp Fort. The Melwanis run a great number of charitable institutions in Bangalore in Karnataka in India.

The holy place features a huge 65 feet high statue of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is measured as the destroyer of evil and Bangalore is filled with a huge number of temples dedicated to him. The statue shows Shiva in a seating posture, instead of the usual Lingam that is establish in each other Shiva temple.

The statue is white in color and shows Lord Shiva sitting in a lotus place or rather in a yoga posture. He has four hands. The front two hands are located on his lap with the fingers interlocked. The hands at the back are equipped with a 'damaru' and a 'trishul' or trident. In fact, the Shiva Statue in Bangalore is the main statue of the Lord in the whole world.

The Shiva Statue, Bangalore has a beautiful backdrop. The backdrop features Mount Kailash, the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva. You can se water flowing from the hair of the idol. This basically represents the holy River Ganga. There is a good-looking pond right in front of the statue. This is regularly referred to as the wishing pond.

People have to chant "Om Namah Shivaya", 7 times and then throw a coin in the pond while making a wish at the same time. It is thought that your wish will surely come true. There is also box where you can post your letters to God. Throughout the evenings, the Shiva Statue, Bangalore is illuminate with bright lights, which is really great to look at. People from far and near come to take a look at this beautiful view and take photographs.

Shiva Statue, Bangalore is one of the great amazing and grand looking temples located within the city. One should not miss an opportunity to pay a visit to this fantastic religious site.

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